Your Proactive Caregiver Advocate: Dr. Cynthia Speaks!

Topic: Do Men Do Better with Nutritional Health as Caregivers?

Dinner at 6:00P.M.

Don’t you ever count out the men in our society who cares for their loved-ones? Yes, I know; people think it is a female oriented role. Tis true! That is accurate information, documented in an array of research journals. Guess what? Men are navigating the role of caregiving from all aspects.

Never Compare, Only Support!

I am not sure why as a society, we compare each other. Caregiving does not have a gender. Male caregivers have the same goals and desires as female caregivers; to provide care and proper diet and nutrition to their elderly loved-ones. There are studies that suggest men seem to be the better cooks. What are your thoughts? There are a lot of male chefs in the world. I bet they would make great caregivers! The love and care given to a care recipient can be provided just as well from male caregivers. They face family members with multiple of health conditions like, Alzheimer, dementia, end stage heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic diseases.

Men express food and nutrition concerns, like females do. They must know about health conditions, so they, too, can prepare nutritious meals. It can be a juggling act if male caregivers work outside the home. They prioritize and plan meals ahead of time and sometimes reach for fast food items that could create a problem for some health conditions. There are many foods for convenience, but we all know that most foods for convenience are unhealthy and can create health concerns. The good news is that men who are caregivers are good cooks. They have also learned to meal prep and freeze; both ways to have healthy diets ready to serve. Let me encourage men to ask for help if they want to cook something different. Caregivers sometimes do not have time to visit a cookbook all the time.

Many men prefer to solve problems on their own rather than ask for help, but it is important for male caregivers to get comfortable with seeking assistance, which includes support groups. The future of male caregiving is getting brighter. They need support as a caregiver, not as a male. They care about nutrition, as a caregiver, not as a male.

Let’s show some love to all our male caregivers!



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