Your Proactive Caregiver Advocate: Dr. Cynthia Speaks!

As your Proactive Caregiver Advocate, let’s talk about a medication your loved-ones may be taking. What about diuretics? Diuretics(water pills) are used to remove fluids that build up in the body. How do you tell if they are working? Weigh daily and report any weight gain of 2–5 pounds to the doctor! Further, if your love-one starts complaining about cramping in the hands, feet or both, it may be a sign that the dosing may need to be adjusted. This was a balancing act I did many days with my mother as her caregiver. Some diuretics are not potassium sparing and when the level in the body gets too low, cramping may occur. If this happens, call the healthcare practitioners. I care about YOU!

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