Your Proactive Caregiver Advocate: Dr. Cynthia Speaks!

Dr. Cynthia J. Hickman
2 min readMay 26, 2023

Topic: I’m a Caregiver with a Job

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As a caregiver advocate, when speaking with people, the new norm has become family caregivers trying to manage career obligations with their caregiving duties. According to caregiver statistics, over 60% of family caregivers work full-time. And while Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) is available, ( a United States labor law of 1993) provides employees with job-protected, unpaid leave for qualified medical conditions, what happens when it ends in any given year.

It is no secret that work-life balance is essential for the sandwich generation. A sandwich generation is middle-aged adults who care for aging parents and their own children. The occurrence can affect anyone whose parents and children need support at the same time. The reality of aging parents, school and homework, and work is challenging.

Do Not Suffer In Silence

What is the solution to the juggle? It starts with an “all hands on deck” mindset. Assistance starts within the family unit. That means siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, and yes the children and teenagers. Giving tasks and responsibilities can lessen the challenges. Community resources and support groups are also an avenue for finding insights and solutions.

As Your Proactive Caregiver Advocate, the major advice I like to share is… do not suffer in silence! There are resources that are useful for the family caregiver who is also holding down a job. A great resource is the Area Agency On Aging (AAA), an agency designated by states to address the needs and concerns of older people at the regional and local levels. Be safe! Be well!



Dr. Cynthia J. Hickman

Dr. Hickman is the author of From the Lens of Daughter, Nurse, and Caregiver: A Journey of Duty and Honor and The Black Book of Important for Caregivers.